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About Waterdrill

Waterdrill is a specialised water borehole drilling Company. Our focus is to deliver a high standard of service and enabling you to reduce your domestic and commercial water bills.

Waterdrill is formed by a highly knowledgeable geologist with over 15 years drilling experience in oil and water, including experience overseas.

No borehole well is more important than yours. Your borehole is as important to Waterdrill as any project we contract. We understand that your everyday water supply deserves the utmost in reliability and performance. From providing your family with the best quality water available to keeping your irrigation system up and running, we take our responsibility seriously to provide the absolute best water borehole service possible.

At Waterdrill, our mission is to offer the highest level of service and product to provide fast and quality water at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative way to supply your home or business with water, and cut your water bills, then get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat on how we can supply your property with a natural source of water. A water borehole on your property could save you hundreds of pounds a year on your water bills.

Our goal is not to be the largest business in our field, just the BEST.

We cover all of Southern England including Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

In the UK, you are allowed to abstract up to 20,000 litres of water per day without needing an abstraction license from the Environment Agency


Our brand new drilling rig is compact and powerful. We will meet you on-site before the rig is dispatched and help you select your drilling location. Suffice it to say we almost always find a way to get in and get the job done. Where there is a will there is a way.

Water Borehole

A water borehole is the best and most common way to obtain groundwater for domestic or business use. A borehole is basically a hole with about 152mm diameter in the ground, held open by a pipe (or casing) that extends to an aquifer.

Quality of Water

More than 90% of water boreholes produce very desirable water and require no filtration to please the owners. There are areas, however, that are exceptions to this rule. To find out more about the services we offer and other questions, visit our FAQ section.

If you are unable to contact us directly by telephone, please send us a message or an email

Waterdrill is a water borehole drilling contractor that covers
Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

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